Hi! Welcome and thanks for coming to check out The Real Food Co , I am so glad your here! 

Im Leila , a busy mum of two and a small business owner here in beautiful Nelson NZ.

My back round is in food and have over 15 years experience in the industry. I have a real passion for nutrition & wellbeing.

 I 100% believe that you don't have to give up foods to be healthy , in fact i believe & in my experience have found eliminating whole food groups , restricting and counting calories can be anything but healthy. 

My goal for my products is to help people easily add highly nutritious food into their diet without them feeling guilted into it by shaming the way they eat. I find this mindset of adding in rather than removing foods and labelling them bad and good to be so healing when it comes to your relationship with food. 

By adding in these foods your satiety levels are balanced and your mind is not constantly thinking about food and what you should or should not eat. when guilt around food is removed and rules and limits are taken away the powerful urges and desires to eat these 'bad' foods are suddenly gone.

Although our mixes are free from gluten , dairy , refined sugars & empty carbs , it's more about what they do have: Seeds! seeds are a powerhouse full of fibre for digestive health, fibre helps you feel fuller for longer and is so important for balanced hormones.

Each seed is special in its own way but they all contain healthy fats , omegas vitamins and minerals great for blood sugar levels , glowing skin ,hair and strong nails,  inflammation ..i could go on and on . Our blends and mixes will make it simple and easy to get all of the benefits from seeds!

I would absolutely love to hear from anyone wanting more info, wanting to stocking our products or just to chat! . Use our contact us page or flick an email directly though to me at realfoodco.nz@gmail.com .